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An Intimate Celebration

Capturing nature's grandeur became too distancing.
I started photographing inches away.
The closer I looked, the better I connected.
Year after year, I tried to connect with the seasonal changes by photographing expansive vistas. But the results frequently fell short of what I was feeling, until inspiration struck unexpectedly.

My intimate nature series began one autumn in Vermont, when it became too cold for my models to continue working on another project. Fall colors were bursting, and the vibrancy of change was in the air. I needed subject matter. I had to photograph. So I tuned in to where I was staying, and there was the answer. When I stopped seeking distant views, I was ready to meet nature head-on.

What seems ironic is that the nearer I came, the better I was able to symbolize the whole. This perspective has me in awe. The plays of light on flowers and leaves, the lacy forms of spring, the autumnal tonal changes, all have given me a new outlook.

An intimate view offers an opportunity to celebrate. It has helped me connect with the wondrous energy of nature.

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