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"I am just in AWE of your work!
Thank you for these amazing images!
It is impossible to pick favorites because they all tell a profound story."

Yisa Var, editor of the Big Island Weekly,
after viewing the results of her Island Souls portrait session.

"Solo-Souls occupies a unique space between the traditional and the contemporary. With the series, you take on the age old task of portraiture--psychological penetration--but with an innovative technique."

Nick Capasso, Director
Fitchburg Art Museum
Fitchburg, Massachusetts

"Your Butoh photographs are stunning."

Melissa Chiu, Director of the Museum Asia Society, New York

"Your photographs have passion and beauty, and clearly considerable skill has gone into their execution."

Julian Cox, Founding Curator of Photography and Chief Curator
de Young Museum, San Francisco

"The images of yours that especially resonate with me are those that resemble super-imposed Muybridges-what a way to describe those images. Yet they move in space in a way that obviously Muybridge was seeking to represent but did not have the technology available to do. You have completed the idea!"

Marilyn S. Kushner, PhD, Curator and Head, Dept. of Prints, Photographs & Architectural Collections
New-York Historical Society, New York

"I'm pleased and impressed that you continue to produce with so much energy and creativity."

Henry Rasmussen, Consulting Editor and Founder
Black & White Magazine

"So many nudes are just naked, plunked into nature. Yours are integrated with their surroundings, which sets them apart."

Susan Danly, Curator
Portland (Maine) Museum of Art

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